Movies of Laer-Gas Metal Arc Hybrid in 2003.

These movies on Laser Gas Metal Arc Hybrid welding were results of joint research project with New Nippon Steel company during early 21st century.

Behavior of tundem GMA and laser hybrid welding.

High efficien hybrid welding for underwater pipe line was studied by high-speed video observation.
There were too many parameters to understand for complete fine welding. Using plural cameras are very good for understand actual situation. High-speed video is excellent equipment to understand in detail welding process, so developing period could be shortend. Following four movies are one example of welding situation.
1) Normal color video movie at 30fps.
2) Birds eye view by high-speed video.
3) High-speed color vide at front hybrid region.
4) Side view of whole welding process.
Side view. Effect of anode motion at 30fps.
1)Normal 2)HS slant 3)Front 4)Side view
(1)Normal (2)HS slant (3)Front (4)Hybrid


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About movies

Movies on this page was captured before 2000 in AIST ZShikoku center, where I had worked.
Laser division worked to improve hybrid system at that time.
I was making new hybrid welding system for underwater piplines with New Nipon Steel company. So, I had keen interst about interaction between laser and arc. That was the reason why I had captured these movies with Dr.Matsuda.