About multi media training machines for welders

Welders for sanitary system have to make comlete penetrated welds from one side. Some filling machines have complicated structures, they have three or more layers, and welding can be carried out from only one side. Evaluation of weld results ususually very difficult.
These two kinds of machines are produced for Shikoku Kakoki Co.ltd.. to train welders

In-situ quality evaluation system by imaging technology

A left machine has 4 cameras to evaluate weld quality on time. Main purpose is to improve welder's skill. Second pupose is to analyse relations among pool image, electric signals and weld quality.
Right machine has a torch camera only. Weld quality is checked by image and electric signals. Whole data is recorded to check the system after long usage time of welded articles.

System information of training machine

You can watch movies about my system to click this sentnce or above picture.
(1) These machines are used to improve weld quality and to reduce crames by occasional failure of products after long usage period.
(2) We have many products, those are difficult on precise evaluation of weld quality after completeion of welds. Real time monitoring of welding process increases quality management.
(3) These records assists failure prediction.
Training machine evaluates bottom pool condition on time. Evaluated condition is noticed by five kinds of melodies to the welder on time.
The welder can also watch bottom image by small LCD monitor in the face guard. Electric signals are indicated by green(in good case) or red(in bad case) color.
The welder can check procedures after welding with mentors voice checking.
Many excellent records are also stored in the system, and the trainee can watch and learn at any time from excellent records.

Comparison of welding skills

P@Comparison of welding skill amon experts and beginner
Q@Welding process by matured welder.
R@Welding process by beginner.
S@Introduction of difference among welders

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