Ogawa's movies "Reconstructing now"

You can watch some movies in this site. However too many interesting movies on welding and cutting are still not open at this moment, because of too heavy data size.

Recent ultra high speed movies and oldies

Detail explanation for my presentation "Consideration of Gas Tungsten Arc Behavior during Ignition Stage" at TWR2006 opens.

1) High speed movies(525kfps) at arc ignition stage. Video viewrate is 30fps, so time span enlarges about 14,000times.
2,3) Helium and Argon arc at 100kfps cleaning action of cathode surface at arc igniton stage.
4) Arc in air at 54kfps. Hot metal is very active for oxygen. Oxcidation reaction plays agressive.
5) Laser and hot wire hybrid welding at 200fps.
Typical high-speed movies
1)525kfps 2)He 100kfps 3)Ar 100kfps 4)Air 54kfps 5)200fps
(1)525kfps (2)100kfps (3)100kfps (4)54kfps (5)200fps
Typical unusual old high-speed movies
1)rotation 2)short 3)spray 4)spray 5)spray
(1)rotation (2)short (3)spray (4)spray (5)short
Some movies are now open. Please click this sentence or click "5. movie list" in left column.

Recent publication

[Y.Ogawa"Visual Analysis techniques for Welding Processis published in Japanese Welding Journal, Vol.4, No.1, p.25-30(2015)]Fundamental knowledge to use high speed video camera is now open in this URL
[Y.Ogawa, Y.Yamashita, "Underwater weldin" is published in The Japan SOciety of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, Vol.51, pp.35-42(2013)
Y.Ogawa"Visualization by high-speed video" is Published in Welding Guid Book 7,"Visualization and Simulation Technologies for Welding Processes"(2013),Japan Welding Society(ISBN9784-906110-23-0)
[Y.Ogawa, "High speed observation of Electric surface behavior in ignition stage], and [Y.Ogawa, "High speed observation od arc spectrum distribution in arc igniton stage"a> are 2013 Spring Session of Japan Welding Societyopen.
[Y.Ogawa, "Visualization technique for high speed observation of welding processes"m Welding Guide Book7(ISBN9784-906110-20-9), Japan Welding Society, pp.I-10-I-17(2012) s published.
[Y.Ogawa"Visual Analysis of Welding Processes, Welding Process,pp.277-304(2012)(ISBN 978-953-51-0854-2).]" is published. This paper downloaded more than 5000 times.
[Y. Ogawa, "High speed imaging technique Part 1 . high speed imaging of arc welding phenomena", Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, Vol.16, No.1, pp.16-26(2011).]was selected as one of the best paper in Maney Publishing 2010/2011 season.


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Ogawa Giken

President: Yoji Ogawa
He worked in AIST since 1974 to 2012.
Main research fields are underwater welding and cutting. These techniques requires autonomous mechanization.
So, research works on image processing and high-speed imageing is recent major targets.