Arc ignition of pure tungsten

6.x Arc ignition behavior of pure tungsten electrode


200107Arc ignition by pure tungsten electrode
Arc ignition behavior by pure tungsten electrode is well known as cleaning action. It takes some time to maintein main arc between the cathode and the base metal. The cleaning action is too quick to observe normal video vamera.
20kfps 5kfps 5k_mean 5k_max 5k_dif 5k_min
Recent ultra high-speed video can easily capture precise phenomenon of cleaning action as shown in the right-hand pictures. Click one of above pictures, then you can watch movies in arc ignition stage.
20kfps 500fps 100fps 100A20k
Solid tungsten cathode cannot provide enough current density for arc welding. Arc current can be provided when the tungsten cathode is melted. Some molten tungsten dropps in to the base metal.
20kfps 2kmax 2kmesn 2kdif 200max 200mean 200dif
There are so many iluminated spots on the tungsten surface, simultaneously. A video rate of 20kfps is not enough to identify, that many spots are existed in the same time or not.
20kfps 5kmax 5kmean 5kdif 2kmax 2kmean 2kdif
These video show typical drawbacks of the pure tungsten electrode. Some percent of thoria is added to improve arc characteristics.
20kfps 500fps 100fps
Appropriate arc current can be produced from solido cathode top by additing of thoria. However cleaning action is still existed for thoriated tungsten electrode.
20kfps 5kmax 5kmean 5kdif 2kmax 2kmean 2kdif
High-sped video is very effective tool to understand trangent behavior. Major problem for high-speed video is time. Long time observation is required.
20kfps 20kpsd 5kpsd 500fps
Pseudo color system is good way to understand quantitative behavior of arc ignition. Some image treatments to shorten the watching time are processed. "2kdif" video shrnks te images to one, so watching time can be reduce to 10%. "2kmax" video shows the highest brightness among 10 images. "2kdif"" video shows the highes difference of each image.
Pseudo color system is another solution to clarify the quality and quantity of observed process.

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